Lantra Woodchipper

Training is usually conducted on site, however we are able to find appropriate sites and hire of a woodchipper for training if required.

What will you learn?
  • Provision of site specific Risk Assessment.
  • HSE regulations and safety guidelines.
  • Appropriate use of PPE.
  • Operator checks and safety features.
  • Routine maintenance.
  • Inspection and identification of faulty blades.
  • Safety checks before during and after use.
  • Preparation of work area and identification of hazardous material not to be chipped.
  • Appropriate techniques to chip short and long sections of timber safely and effectively.
  • Procedures for removing blockages.
  • Environmental factors involving the disposal of waste.
  • Preparation of machine for transport and storage.

This is a Lantra integrated training and assessment course and at completion a skills card and Lantra certificate will be awarded.

The certificate is then valid for 5 years


£900 per course
with up to 6 candidates, plus VAT and plus Lantra fee of £37 per person.


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