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Mystery Shopping: Customer Service Development

Mystery shopping is the most effective method of evaluating the sales process from a customer perspective.
“Only 1 in 20 people who are dissatisfied will complain, other customers will vote with their feet - out through the door and take their business elsewhere”.
“Unless you have 100% customer satisfaction you must improve”

Why you need Mystery Shopping?
When your company invests substantial time, effort and funds in creating a loyal and trusting customer base, why should you risk losing it because of one rude staff member or a manager who does not pay enough attention? It takes just one bad experience to lose a customer and damage your brand image. With the power of Mystery Shopping, you can work to ensure that every customer experience is a good one and that your company reaps the benefits of customer loyalty, business growth and immeasurable success for your brand.

We help our clients accurately measure learn and feedback insight from real customers, empowering organisations to make a real and positive difference to the person who matters most the customer. In today’s highly competitive market place and with customer expectations rising many companies are focusing more time and resources on establishing and maintaining high levels of customer service:

• Do you really know whether your customers are happy with your service?
• Do you really know what your customers think of your brand?
• Do you really know whether your staff treat your customers well?
• Are your staff asking your customers the right questions and making the most of sales opportunities?
• Are you losing customers due to your competitor’s better service?
• Do sales conversion rates need improving?
• Are your employees meeting the targeted level of customer care, response times, performance and company image

Benefits of Mystery Shopping
With constant pressure from rival firms making the market place very competitive, the need for management to monitor staff has never been greater. Putting yourself in your customer shoes is a unique way of achieving this. Mystery shopping is a valuable tool that provides an accurate account of the interaction between staff and customers. It is a dynamic performance evaluation process that enables clients to examine results from a customer’s perspective:

• Improve your service levels.
• Check staff performance.
• Understand your customers.
• Keep your clients satisfied every time.
• Increase your sales figures.
• Increase customer loyalty.
• Beat your competitors.
• Benchmark against previous performance.
• Encourage healthy competition between staff and teams.
• Increase efficiency of staff.
• Assists in targeting core issues.
• Training and resources can be targeted specifically to the core issue.
• Continuous mystery shopping can be used to motivate and recognise staff. performance and improvement.

Why use us?
Millhouse Training helps in giving your business the advantage of discreet and professional self-appraisal for your customer services. We tailor make each mystery shopping program to suit your individual specification to ensure core issues are addressed, highlighted and rectified. If required we will provide a plan for improvement and staff development. Our services are aimed at only those organisations which wish to provide the highest levels of customer’s service and recognise the importance of continually improving service skills of front line sales staff.
We believe Mystery Shopping should be a positive experience. Not only do we recognise where action needs to be taken but we also recognise outstanding service and make sure that this is highlighted.
Millhouse Training will cost-effectively provide you with the invaluable knowledge you need to develop your competitive edge and build customer loyalty.
We provide unbiased assessment from which decisions can be made regarding future training and immediate improvements made.
What we will provide:

Our package includes:
 1 day of strategy setting.
 Bespoke detailed examination criteria agreed with you to reflect your core values and mission statement.
 Traditional face-to-face mystery shopping*.
 Total number and frequency of frequency of visits will be determined by you according to you organisations needs.
 Highly skilled researchers who understand your business and are interested in providing constructive meaningful comments.
  Full comprehensive report to be provided after each visit.

Please contact us to discuss further.

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